Nana Aba Anamoah slaps down Adu Sarfowaa with a savage tweet – Check it out

Nana Aba Anamoah has a message for Adu Sarfowaa and people who find delight in spreading false rumors about her.

In Ghana’s social media space, every celebrity is at risk of getting someone to attack you without cause.

It is the order of the day in the country and everyone does that to stay relevant or get some few minutes fame.

Nana Aba Anamoah has had her fair share of false rumors, trolls and insults on social media.

Yesterday, she was the subject of an unnecessary controversy from Adu Sarfowaa that landed the latter in police custody.

Adu Sarfowaa just woke up and decided to attack Nana Aba Anamoah saying the Range Rover she received as gift on her birthday last year was just for hype.

Sarfowaa claimed the Range belonged to her boyfriend Identified as Nana Doe.

This matter grew into an ugly banter between Nana Doe, Adu Sarfowaa, Diamond Appiah and other celebrities while Nana Aba, the subject, was quiet, watching the adults make a fool of themselves.

Last night, a fan applauded her for always acting matured and handling gossipmongers with sense and she dropped an unexpected message in response.

Nana Aba asked if indeed people had time to spare and talk about her, pretending as if she does not live in Ghana and does not know what goes on.

She went on to say she hopes these people wasting their precious time talking about her are making millions from that because she does notsee any sense in that.

“People talk about me? I hope it reflects in their bank balance…because…!” She replied to a tweet from a fan.

People talk about me? I hope it reflects in their bank balance…because…! https://t.co/miAwnH4KI3

— Hmmm Ole (@thenanaaba) October 6, 2021

Source: operanewsapp.com

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